Students self-heal from midterm pressure at the Relax and Unwind Fair 

Students self-heal from midterm pressure at the Relax and Unwind Fair 

With the help of aromatherapy lotion, hand warmer mitts, massage chairs, and an aromatherapy oxygen station, students on both the Journal Square Campus and North Hudson Campus were able to take part in this form of holistic meditation on October 24 and 28.  The Relax and Unwind Fair was established mainly for students to wind down and relax through the stressful midterm period.   

Meditation has become very popular over the last year, even at schools. Kyara Martin of Office of Student Leadership at Hudson County Community College expressed her main focus was to ensure her students are doing well throughout their semesters. Whether that’d be mentally or emotionally, she tries her best to set up events that can help students unwind, especially during midterm week. 

Martin stated “My favorite besides the massage chairs is the oxygen station. It is unique in which students are typically stunned by how effective it is. You sit in a chair, you choose a scent (coconut, spearmint, cherry, and etc.) and the oxygen is released through a cannula, which is a plastic flexible tube to deliver the oxygen. It is essentially a “breath of fresh air”.  

Keep in mind that mindfulness is not the only type of meditation exercise. But, it is a very important one. The importance of the mind being at ease is considered a major factor of relaxation. Considering, it’s quite easy to get overwhelmed, especially throughout the midterm week. 

There are many common misconceptions that meditation is a difficult activity. By not understanding the concept, many are misconceiving the actual purpose of this practice. Not only does it relieve anxiety, but it reduces depression as well. It’s quite interesting to view the different takes on meditations and see how each method works for different people.  

Mindfulness meditation can be practiced sitting or lying down. It can be timed anywhere from five to ten minutes. While meditating, the body tries to focus on the breathing fundamental value and allows you to get comfortable within your own mind. Mindfulness is a part of a stress reliever family. While meditating you are allowing yourself to heal. Meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Mindfulness is just one of many that can help you find your way. While being trapped in a constant state of negativity, that energy will eventually transfer onto others. Meditation breaks those barriers, allowing you to be accepting and in a calm state of mind. If you are stressed about an upcoming exam, try mindfulness the night before or the morning of. Turn on some aromatherapy and allow positive energy to flow while focusing on breathing through these tough times.