What is happening at NJCU?

Our neighboring school NJCU is going through tough times



Photo from #FundNJCU rally on March 13, posted on NJCU Faculty Union’s Twitter

There have been numerous rumors about our neighboring college, New Jersey City University. Over the past few months they have had many issues regarding funding. The rumors over the school’s financial issues are true. In December 2022, NJCU had to cut 37% percent of academic programs and they had to lay off 30 professors. 

With all of the rumors it has some students scared about the situation because they fear that the school may close down. With the school on the verge of shutting down some students may want to transfer out of the school. Many HCCC students have friends who attend NJCU and may be concerned on their behalf.

A student at NJCU, Ryan Caley, had this to say about the situation. “NJCU is my new home I see the brightest minds go here and the best of the best of people work to achieve their goals. It is very unfortunate for most of our dreams to be crushed because we do not have the funds.”  

There was a large rally in March of NJCU students and teachers demanding more funding from the state. During this rally there were over 1000 professors and students. They has signs and were chanting “NJCU Matters! support Funding!” they were demanding that the school gets funding.   

On NJ.com, Joshua Rosario reports that “the university expects to finish the 2023 fiscal year with a $10.9 million deficit still in place and only $8 million of cash and short-term investments, which is roughly 21 days of cash on hand. An additional $10 million in state appropriation, which was requested in June, is the lifeline the school needs to survive without making massive cuts.”

Officials at HCCC are following the status of NJCU, one of our largest transfer schools. Nick Chiaravalloti, HCCC’s Vice President for External Affairs, commented on what the positive developments. He said “It looks like they are working with collective bargaining units and they are getting funding from Trenton.” 

Another student at NJCU, Bridget Benoit, said: “I personally am scared about the future of our university. They say that “we have nothing to worry about”, but me and many other students chose NJCU for a reason. This university is one of convenience, affordability, and great programs. I hope that we can push through this for my future and the future generation of students”.