Expansion of HCCC

The college will soon start construction on an 11-story building.


HCCC and NK Architects

3D render of proposed academic tower

In 1974 HCCC started with only 3,076 applicant students and owned only one building. Today the college has three state-of-the-art locations: the primary campus in Journal Square, conveniently located near the PATH and bus stations; the North Hudson Campus in Union City; and the newest location, the Secaucus Center. And yet the college is still expanding. There are plans to develop a new building at the Journal Square location.

William J. Netchert, the Board of Trustees’ chair for HCCC, announced that the college plans to construct a new 11-story tower. This new tower will be more than 150,000 square-feet and located between Enos Place and Jones Street. This new tower will be full of amenities, most notably a full-size National College Athletic Association (NCAA) gymnasium as well as a separate running track. The purpose of the new building will be to consolidate the school’s programs and services, which are currently spread out in multiple buildings, into one location. The expansion is an exciting new development in in the school’s history. And one that current students will miss but are excited to see.

Omega Dickerson, a current student, who works with the school, thinks the tower is a good idea but has questions about security. They think that there should be security on every other floor and recommend the use of keycards but is excited to see the new tower someday and the space that it will give the administration and students.

Matt Piscopo another student at HCCC sees the tower as “A modern building that encapsulates the needs of learning in a modern space with modern students.”