Get Involved at HCCC

A new college website makes it easier than ever to get involved with student organizations.


Joseph Brusini, Managing Editor

College, a time of hard work and endless studying. For the average Hudson County student, the time here is transitional. They might attend for less than two years and move to another college. Chances are high you and the person sitting next to you in class will directly compete for a spot in the same college. With the high rates of transfer students coming out of HCCC, the average student needs a leg up to stand above the competition.  


Audits of the admission process found extracurricular activities are weighted heavily in the transfer application. Colleges want to see how you spent your time at HCCC. Did you get involved? Are you part of any organizations? Beside the honor societies, HCCC has a wide range of student organizations that you can get involved with.  


Involved is a great resource for any student looking join in on student-organized activities. The site, provided by the Office of Student Activities, allows you to search for specific groups, such as The Orator, allowing you to view meetings and events. The front page also has upcoming events, which students can RSVP to right on the site. The events all have a separate page giving information on the time, location, perks, and the host group. Don’t worry about making an account, you already have one linked to your student email.  


Clicking on a club or organization brings you to their home screen. Events and officers will be listed here. You may apply for membership or join based on the organization’s own criteria for membership. There is also a contact button which will put you in direct contact with the club’s leadership.  


Using the Involved website is very easy, and if you go into the account settings you can personalize it even more. For club leaders text notifications may be turned on. Sending you text alerts about event confirmation and RSVPs. The alerts will also send you event changes, news, and other college club-related notifications. You can link social media and club content right to the website.  


Involved is a great resource for every HCCC student. It allows for easy coordination between leaders, members, and prospective members. In this day and age good grades can only carry you so far; joining an organization and utilizing your time here will put you a step above the rest.