A personal story of the Education Opportunity Grant

Overcoming struggle, a recount of the path to success.


Photo by Alex Jones on Unsplash

Ebrahim Mostafa

In life, there are times where it is necessary to get extra help in order to succeed. When I finished high school, I knew with certainty that I would enter college with a passion of happiness and success. I went to New Jersey City University in Summer 2017. Unfortunately, I did not do well in terms of academics. I was informed I would need to transfer to Hudson Country Community College. I was not planning on going to HCCC. I wanted to finish in a 4-year institution because I know that it is quicker. However, the counselors at NJCU believed that it would be simpler and more beneficial for me to attend HCCC, but I did not take it well. 


Secondly, at my time at NJCU, I was connected with the EOF [Education Opportunity Fund]. The group focuses on helping students with low family income or that need further assistance in financial-related situation. They are known for making students’ lives, in college, more fun and happier when times are tough. EOF also helps out academically, offering tutors in certain subjects to help you learn.  They are also famously known for their trips each semester, creating memorable events for undergraduates. EOF is all about helping students in making sure they graduate college with astonishing grades and putting smiles on students’ faces when they are having bad days. 


I do believe that my attitude back then was wrong and rude to those who were just simply trying to help me. It took me a whole year to learn how to stand on my own two feet. As of today, I feel comfortable with my fellow EOF people; such as Mr. Knight a counselor, Guadalupe Office Assitant & Tutor Cordinator, Mr. Lowe the Dean of the EOF, and Mrs. Tejal The new Office counselor. I have many friends and allies who I see almost every week at the EOF office and we always enjoy having friendly conversations. I’m really grateful for my current enrollment in EOF and I appreciate all that they do for me and other students. I highly recommend to those who are struggling in financial issues to go to EOF and see if you are eligible to apply because you will not regret any time you spend with the Education Opportunity Fund.